Tennant & Tennant Studio

Isabel Tennant and her younger sister Stella grew up on a farm in the Scottish Borders.

Isabel was trained as a gilder and decorative artist at City and Guilds Art School, London.
Stella went to Winchester College of Art where she specialised in sculpture and learnt to weld.

Isabel and Stella now share a studio in Scotland. They make lamp standards, mirrors and decorative panels, using both water gilding and oil gilding.
These traditional techniques have not changed for hundreds of years and are identical to those used by Renaissance artists and craftsmen.

The gold leaf is burnished using polished agate to give a high shine. Sometimes it is then rubbed down so as to see the coloured clay or watercolour beneath. Gold leaf comes in many shades from rose pink ‘Moon Gold’ to pale green ‘Lemon Gold’ as well as classic yellows. Silvery palladium and caplain are also used. The sisters are both fascinated by the natural world and many of their designs are inspired by insects and plants. Others are based on Japanese geometric patterns. Works are made to order, all commissions considered.

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